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February 8, 2019 - Comment

5 (100%) 2 votes

5 (100%) 2 votes

Among the numerous services and subscriptions offered by Amazon, one that ought to pique the interest of avid readers is Kindle Unlimited. however, with all the various ways that we will get and consume our books today, it is laborious to stay track and weigh the execs and cons of the services that are out there. Today, I’m here to assist answer the question: however will Kindle Unlimited work (and is it right for you)?


Kindle Unlimited is free for the primary month so $9.99 per month. Pre-paid Kindle Unlimited subscriptions (to gift or for yourself) for six, 12, or twenty-four months also are out there at a similar rate.

Additionally, there’s a free one-month trial possibility, therefore, you’ll check out the waters before fitting any money commitment: Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans!

Now that you’ve established your subscription, here’s however you’ll get reading!

What devices will use Kindle Unlimited?

This is a simple answer: any device that supports Kindle books additionally works with Kindle Unlimited. That naturally includes Kindle ebook readers, however additionally any device that supports the Kindle App, together with humanoid, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows ten and iOS smartphones and tablets. Amazon additionally offers a PC-based “Cloud Reader” if you’d inexplicably rather scan on your desktop or laptop computer.

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